The process and my rates

Once contacted by a prospective client, I will arrange an initial consultation (either by phone, email, or in person where feasible) to discuss the proposed project and to ensure that I am suitable for the work.

I take on both short and long projects. My editorial principles and the quality I aim to bring to the work is the same for both, but much of the process described below is relevant only to longer projects.

In order to assess the project fully and to provide a quote, I will need to see the text. My quote will be based on my assessment of the text, the stated requirements of the client, the timescale of the project and the client’s budget. I can quote a rate per hour or per 1,000 words as the client wishes, and I will explain how I arrive at my quote. As a rough guide, I calculate my rates within the range of £25 to £50 per hour, depending on the length and nature of the project (for example, the longer the project, the lower my rate will be). For longer projects, I am happy to provide a sample of work before settling on a final fee; this also gives the client an opportunity to decide whether he or she is satisfied with my service.

I will agree at the outset any editorial conventions preferred by the client; if the client has no preferences, I will provide a brief style guide for the client’s approval. I will also agree the extent and means of communication between the client and myself (for example, whether the client requires regular updates of progress).

Ideally, I like to perform two editorial passes on a text; three is even better. But I am also happy to perform one thorough editorial pass.

I edit on Word 2016 using Track Changes. Unless requested by the client, I will turn Track Changes off for minor, incontestable edits (for example, the removal of an extra space), ensuring that the client sees only those changes and suggested revisions deserving attention.

When I have completed the editorial and proofreading work, I will send the client a style sheet (listing all the editorial conventions I have followed), a tracked-changes Word file, a comments-only Word file (i.e. the edited text with embedded changes), a PDF of the edited file (so that the client can see the fully edited text without comments or tracked changes). I will also send a fuller report on the text if requested by the client.

The final stage will involve resolving any outstanding issues, and performing any further revisions requested by the client. Once this is complete, I will send an invoice for the fee (minus any deposit that may have been agreed); this will be payable within month of the date of the invoice, and can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.