Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): (Resources, news and solidarity for self-publishing authors.)

The British Museum: (An outstanding cultural resource. The ‘Research’ page on the website allows users to quest after knowledge and inspiration by searching the collection catalogue.)

The Chicago Manual of Style Online: (A subscription is required to access the texts of the 15th and 16th editions—a 17th edition is scheduled for release in September 2017—but a wonderfully informative Q&A section is open to all interested in matters of style.)

Copac: (Access the library catalogues of most UK and Irish universities.)

The Creative Penn: (Lots of resources and inspiration from Joanna Penn, a best-selling self-published author and a wise, effervescent and positive speaker.)

Find a Proofreader: (A listing of proofreaders and editors, as well as other publishing professionals, with customer reviews.)

Grammarist: (Everyone should be interested in grammar, so everyone should be interested in this site.)

Louise Harnby—Proofreader: (The website of an experienced proofreader and copy-editor, with outstanding resources and a brilliant blog.)

Oxford Dictionaries: (‘powered by Oxford’)

Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP): (The UK’s leading professional organization for editors and proofreaders; as well as an annual conference, a member’s forum, a directory and many opportunities to network, the SfEP offers a full programme of courses and training workshops.)

Society of Young Publishers (SYP): (Resources, social events and networking opportunities for those working in publishing; it’s no longer necessary to be young to join!)

Urban Dictionary: (Ragged around the edges for sure, but it remains an invaluable source for understanding street slang, hip hop lyrics and much of the language of young people.)


Beach House: (A Baltimore band making some of the most interesting and beautiful music around.)

Dirty Blondes: (A young Camden band who write their own songs and are genuinely good. Declaration of interest: my daughter is their guitarist.)

Bob Dylan: (My writing often ends up referring to him.)

Green Party: (I’m not a member, but I like them.)

The Guardian: (Frequently annoying, The Guardian nevertheless remains a source of accurate reporting with a social conscience.)

Kevin Jackson: (A friend, and a fine artist and printmaker.)

London Review of Books: (The best literary magazine in the world, the LRB website contains many examples of the intelligent, insightful, provocative and stylish writing that graces its pages; better still, become a subscriber. And no, I do not work for the LRB, but I’ve twice applied for jobs there: on the first occasion I experienced withering disdain over the phone, and on both occasions my application wasn’t even acknowledged. The magazine is too good for me not to forgive them.)

Open Britain: (The alternative hardly bears thinking about.)

Open Rights Group: (Campaigning against censorship and for individual rights in the digital age.)

Sonic Youth: (‘The world’s greatest rock band.’ Discuss.)

Times Higher Education: (News, commentary and analysis of the ever more beleaguered world of UK higher education.)

Tindersticks: (Moving, melancholy and often funny music; whisky in a smoky late-night bar goes with some songs, traditional beer in a seen-better-days pub goes with others.)

West Ham United: (A famous, stylish and increasingly hard-to-like football team in east London. I support them.)