My free initial consultation will provide either a quote for the project or an assessment of the work involved to fit a client’s budget. I work according to hourly rates, believing that time is the clearest and fairest measure of work for both the client and myself. I am always happy to give a detailed breakdown of how I estimate the time and work involved.

My rates are in the range of £25-40 per hour and depend upon the length of the project. Typically I charge:

  • £40 p/h for very short-term projects (those that require less than ten hours of my time)
  • £30 p/h for short- to medium-term projects (those taking between ten and forty hours)
  • £25 p/h for long-term projects (those lasting longer than forty hours)

I am willing to negotiate reduced rates for very long-term projects, repeat clients and students. I am also happy to provide a sample of work before settling on a final fee with a client.

These rates are fair in the current market. There are cheaper options; however, most of them will not buy the commitment, quality and expertise that I bring to those projects I take on.