I work to the highest editorial standards. Precision, accuracy and consistency are at the core of my editorial practice.

I offer a range of editorial services:

  • proofreading for grammar and spelling;
  • light, medium or heavy copyediting to correct for style;
  • content editing to make substantive changes to a text;
  • developmental editing to address the structure and organization of a text.

In addition, I can also provide the following services:

  • indexing; I can also
  • formatting for submission to a traditional publisher;
  • design and formatting of a text to be uploaded online or to a digital publishing platform (such as Kindle or Smashwords).

I am happy working with any style guide; equally, if requested, I will provide an agreed upon style sheet of my own (which would normally be based on the Chicago Manual of Style). I will adopt either British or American spelling and editorial conventions as preferred by the client.

I will consider editing any non-fiction text. In addition, I can provide proofreading, light copyediting, formatting and beta reading for fictional writing.