Commitment and quality are my key principles as a writer. I take the craft seriously and always strive to write informatively, clearly, and engagingly. I value well-researched and stylish writing that stands out. If you hire me as a writer, then I will bring these principles, aims and values to your project.

I am happy working for a wide range of clients, including individuals, charities, businesses, education providers and the public sector, and I will consider any serious project that fits with my principles and interests. Among the latter are:

  • politics and current affairs;
  • history;
  • philosophy and psychology;
  • education and educational policy;
  • digital technology and culture;
  • sport;
  • popular culture;
  • film, music and the arts.

I have written on all of the above in the past. My previous writing has included:

  • scholarly articles;
  • reviews;
  • essays and comment pieces;
  • blog posts;
  • brochure, marketing and informational copy;
  • satirical and humorous writing.

I am comfortable adapting my tone to fit the needs of a project.

I do not take on projects that involve producing ‘click bait’ articles or churning out ‘filler’ content to impossible deadlines. Nor do I write on topics that go against my core beliefs or ethical principles.

In particular, please note that I do not participate in plagiarism (i.e. the attempt to pass off the ideas and language of another as one’s own). I expect due credit and acknowledgment for any original writing, although what form this should take is open to negotiation. The latter will include a willingness on my part usually to assign copyright to the client.