My background is in the academic humanities, so I bring to any project the high standards of scholarly research. I am familiar with an extensive range of libraries and archives, and I have access to many digital resources and databases (such as JSTOR and LexisNexis).

I will consider a range of research projects, including:

  • fact checking;
  • reference checking;
  • bibliography compilation;
  • source analysis and critique;
  • archival research;
  • technical and statistical analysis;
  • substantive research of topics that fit my experience and interests.

I always give an honest appraisal of my suitability for a project. My previous research experience and current interests particularly suit me for projects in the following areas:

  • politics and social sciences;
  • education and educational policy;
  • history, philosophy and psychology;
  • digital culture and information technology;
  • literature, art and visual culture.

I will always present the research results in the form of a report, but will also combine research with writing to a brief. Please note, however, that I will only consider the latter if I am sure that it does not amount to plagiarism.