Setting up my editorial business: reflections on my initial decisions

In this post I wish to consider some of the early decisions I have made in relation to setting up an editorial business, and the thought behind them. At the outset it is important to emphasize that I am not offering advice, nor am I suggesting my approach is a model of best practice. My … Continue reading Setting up my editorial business: reflections on my initial decisions

Self-publishing does not mean DIY purism

Crayon Rouge Editorial Solutions

Self-publishing does not mean pure do-it-yourself publishing. It means simply that an author has decided to go to market without involving a traditional publisher. There are many good reasons why an author makes such a decision. One reason may be an adamant wish to dispense with all the services a publisher provides: cover and book design; editing and proofreading; formatting and typesetting; and marketing. Independent authors certainly have greater control over the publishing process, and this is undoubtedly an attraction of self-publishing. But only a complete control freak (or someone aspiring to imitate William Blake) would attempt to do everything without any outside help. There may be artistic merit and personal fulfilment in such a purist endeavour—and both are noble and admirable—but there is unlikely to be any commercial merit.

In a 2013-14 survey of self-published authors, there was a clear correlation between author earnings and their use of…

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