stephen_wordpressWelcome, and thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Stephen Pigney, a PhD-educated copy-editor and proofreader, with a background in academia and long experience of working on publishing projects. I also write about many things that interest me. Since I’m a better editor and reader than I am a writer, I’m probably not the best writer you’ve never heard of. But I can’t be faulted for striving to write with intelligence, clarity and elegance.

As an editor and proofreader I provide a range of professional, high-quality editorial services to writers and publishers, tailored to a client’s vision, requirements and budget. I work with fiction and non-fiction writers, independent and self-publishing authors, producers of digital content, and all forms of academic writing, from undergraduate essays to scholarly monographs.

My experience, knowledge and skills can:

  • Ensure your writing is clear, consistent and coherent
  • Correct errors of spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar
  • Advise on ways to improve phrasing, fluency, diction and style
  • Help develop the structure and organization of your writing
  • Check references and content for accuracy
  • Proofread and format your work in readiness for publication

I work to the highest editorial standards, bringing professionalism, quality, commitment, amiability and respect to the projects I take on. My goal is always to provide an exceptional service for a client: on time, within budget, and delivering an outstanding result.


I operate two editorial services for writers: Crayon Rouge offers editorial solutions to independent and self-publishing authors, whether of fiction or non-fiction; and Academic Outcomes specializes in editorial support academic writing, is aimed at students and scholars, and offers tutoring and mentoring in addition to editing.


Alternatively, you can check out my Services and About pages on this site to learn more about me and what I can offer you. There is also a Resources page listing sites on writing and editing that I find useful (and a few other favourite websites). And for musings on writing, editing, freelancing and one or two other things, often in the form of light relief, you can always turn to my Blog.

If you would like to discuss how I can support your writing, then Contact me for a FREE consultation. In fact, even if you only want to chat or argue (in a friendly rather than abusive way), feel free to get in touch.